Laura Martin Bovard

What do you have in your house that your friends don't have? What personal touches make your house into a home?  Accessories may be small but they have a big punch in decor. This is an area where you should strive for personality plus.  Choose things that mean something to you or your family, and then combine them  to make an interesting grouping. Forget about spreading things out along the top of a cabinet or mantle- group, group, group.

Why does this vignette work? 
  • the  colour tones are very similar
  • there's  a variety of objects, textures, shapes and sizes (love the sphere)
  • the objects are layered forcing you to look through to the back (providing a visual journey)
  • the art work is overlapped , but you can still see each piece
  • the format of the vignette is a classic v shape with the height at the edges and the lowest point near the middle