A functional, fresh family-friendly room at its finest! I don't know if it's because it's Friday, but this room designed by Pamela S. Porter is definitely putting a smile on my face. I'm just loving the sunny window seat filled with colorful pillows! (Pretty sure our cats would appreciate it too!) So much stylish storage in this room...under the window seat, on the shelves, in the ottoman, under the coffee table! All of the pretty flowers aren't hurting my mood either! You can read all about the space and see more photos over at BHG!

I can't even believe it, but this weekend Chris and I will be celebrating our first anniversary! How in the heck can one year go by so fast?! One truly amazing year, my friends! I am blessed to be married to such a kindhearted, sweet person. And the fun we have?! Being married to your best friend is pretty much the best thing ever!

Happy Anniversary, Chris!! xoxo

(Wanna see more wedding pics? Go here!)

Happy weekend to you all!

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