If I could have taken you all with me on my trip to Florida, I so would have! You would have loved the houses in Seaside! This is just a glimpse...I don't think we strolled down half the streets. And the most idyllic streets they were! Built in the 80's, Seaside was the first town in America designed on the principles of New Urbanism and has since become internationally famous for its architecture. The houses are all super cute and colorful...in fact I read every house in Seaside is required to be colorful and different! It was so fun seeing all of the different architectural styles in one town. I loved the streets...so quaint and narrow with the cutest white picket fences everywhere. On top of that, the homes are all surrounded by lush tropical foliage. The town was just so charming and picturesque, like out of a dream. (Or Movie! Seaside is where The Truman Show was filmed!) And I didn't even tell you guys about the beach, the water and the sunsets! Never in my life have I seen the sun set like I did in Seaside. It was out of this world!

I found even more photos of turquoise homes on The Seaside Research Portal (a really interesting site if you're at all interested in this stuff.) So I'll share those below. And just so you have some context, I'll share a few more pics I found on the Seaside website and Facebook page.

Amazing, right?!

Below you'll find more turquoise houses from The Seaside Research Portal...

And how about the incredible sunsets...


 Stay tuned for my photos of WaterColor homes!

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