As always, I am super excited and flattered to be entertaining y’all at House of Turquoise today!  With two school aged boys, this fall I relocated the toys to the basement and transformed our playroom into a family office. 

DSC_0030 copy
DSC_0068 copy
Okay, okay, so y’all are probably thinking that it doesn’t look much like an office.  And you would be quite right!!!  This is the most versatile space in the house, I think.  It is the first room off the foyer and cleans up nicely to look like a sitting room.  But most hours of most days it looks a lot more like this…
DSC_0107 copy

We use the little sitting area for reading and studying, and clear off the coffee table for homework and projects.

DSC_0058 copy

The two ghost chairs turn right around and double as desk chairs for the littles at two custom, built in work spaces that occupy one whole wall of the room. 

DSC_0066 copy2

Inside, there are two side by side units with closed storage, basket storage, bulletin boards, dry erase boards and computer desks.  There is a basket for the week’s homework and projects, a basket for school work to save and a basket for notes home from the school/teacher about events, dates, etc.

DSC_0012 copy

Moving right along, tucked in the closet is the World Headquarters for my little Dixie Delights operation…

DSC_0081 copy2

I have stored all of my party wares (plates, cups, napkins, straws, favor bags and such) on the very top shelf in the larger baskets.  The smaller baskets hold craft supplies like paints, glues, tapes, etc.  There is room for my printer off to the left as well – this was previously located on the floor of my closet and it was always a pain in the neck to print anything.  I adore the versatility of the peg board for keeping things of all shapes and sizes that I use almost every day just an arms reach away.  I can’t tell you how much time I spent standing on my head trying to get something out from the bottom of stacked bins in my guest room closet for the last five years.

DSC_0072 copy copy
The last little piece is the wall with the windows. 

DSC_0048 copy2

Hop on over to Dixie Delights to see all of the sources and details and many, many more pictures!!  Thanks for having me, y’all!


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