I'm happy to report that in its first annual Color Report in the new September issue, House Beautiful surveyed thousands of people and found that blue is the #1 color in America, with green coming in 2nd place.
"We're seeing a trend toward soothing colors in the home," says House Beautiful Editor in Chief Newell Turner. "Our study shows that people want to surround themselves with calming colors. Blue and green are cool hues that imbue our living spaces with serenity. Our homes are our havens, and we're not surprised that the two most popular colors are restful and reassuring."
Indeed! This colorful space was from the new issue too. I immediately ate up all the turquoise, then had to know what fab locale it had to be from. Kansas City, Missouri! The apartment in a 1915 building was designed by Kelee Katillac and is actually the interior designer's midtown studio and showroom. The color palettes of the rooms were inspired by different gemstones. The chalcedony (blue) represents peace, while the rose quartz (pink) is a symbol of affection and love worldwide. You can see lots more of the space photographed by Bjorn Wallander right here!

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